Technology Security Should Include Physical and Cyber Strategies

Do you have the right balance between physical security and cybersecurity for your business? You need to know about the shifting priorities for operations security experts.  

Protecting the physical security of your business is a relatively well-known strategy that could involve everything from security guards at the front desk to video surveillance, automated entry points and biometric access to secure areas. The same cannot be said of cybersecurity, which includes a constantly-changing threat landscape and what seems like an endless array of vendors pitching products to solve a small subsection of your digital security issues. Putting these different solutions together could feel more like a jigsaw puzzle than a strategy, making it difficult to feel as though you’re making any progress.

The Jumbled Web of Cybersecurity Technology

If something happens and your business is affected by a data breach or malware attack, you could easily be set back months — or even years — in your quest for cybersecurity. Fortunately, cybersecurity is becoming more of a focus at the leadership level of organizations, bringing awareness and dollars to the fight against hackers as businesses are seeing nearly a 70% increase in security breaches over the past five years. Businesses that are successful in reducing the possibility of an attack are those that work with an external cybersecurity team to gain access to enterprise-scale solutions that work together seamlessly to provide a full 360 degrees of protection for the business.

Maintaining Secure Data Access

Businesses today run on data, and that means providing convenient and secure access to even the most confidential information. Controlling who is accessing this information and ensuring that those individuals are both permitted to view the particular data points and are viewing it securely — that can be a bigger task than you realize. Everything from the WiFi network that your employees are using to connect to business systems to whether they are browsing websites that are a known threat can inadvertently open system vulnerabilities without your knowledge. Active monitoring and aggressive cybersecurity measures are considered two of the best strategies for helping reduce the risk of attack and financial loss for your business. Even a “simple” DDoS attack could cost a small business upwards of $120,000, making it extremely difficult to recover after this type of incident.

Technology Security Specialists In Dallas/Fort Worth

Finding the right balance between physical and cybersecurity isn’t easy, but it starts with a full understanding of the current threat landscape. At Data Magic Computer Services, our team stays up-to-date on the latest challenges to your business security from both physical and digital realms. We work with Coppell, TX businesses of all sizes to reduce risks, increase productivity and ensure that you are always getting the full value of your information technology. Contact the professionals at Data Magic Computer Services today at 469-635-5500 or fill out our quick online form to schedule a free initial consultation with our experts.

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 23 November 2019