Data Magic Eliminates The Fear Of Your Company Being On The Dark Web With Our Dark Web Scanning Services

One of the main motivations for cyber attacks is the sale of personally-identifiable information (PII) on the dark web or deep web. The dark or deep web market is the impetus for many data breaches because the quick sale of healthcare and financial PII (primarily) offers a tempting prospect to black-hat hackers. Fortunately, Data Magic can do dark web scanning that can locate any kind of stolen data.

Due to some huge recent data breaches, a literal ton of stolen data which has either been leaked or hacked by cybercriminals has become available for sale on the dark web.

This information includes personal information like usernames and passwords, as well as financial information including bank account logins, credit and debit card numbers, email addresses, etc. The list of what kind of PII hackers and dark web patrons will buy is nearly endless.

Cybercriminals trade stolen data on the dark web like this for bitcoins and other online digital currency used on darknet markets.

Dark Web Scan Your Network Now With The Help Of Data Magic Computer Services

Data Magic, however, has the dark web scanning service that’s well equipped with well-trained staff and experts to scan the dark web for their stolen data.

Our data scanning experts maintain that it is capable to scan over 10,000 online forums and 1,000 Twitter accounts for compromised information on a daily basis.

Many big companies, financial institutions, and even dating websites are targeted by these hackers.

In September 2016, Yahoo admitted to having had at least 500 million of its users’ account information leaked in 2014.

This was only disclosed in 2016, meaning that it took roughly two years for the users and the general public to be notified of the security breach. We can be angry at entities like Yahoo as consumers and web users, but saving time and energy and resorting to a dark web scan to find where your stolen data resides cuts to the chase.

Data Magic seeks to revolutionize this trend by almost immediately alerting its subscribers in case their information is leaked on the dark web.

Dallas’ Dark Web Scanner Services

Data Magic offers its dark web scanning service at a monthly subscription rate that’s very affordable.

It gives all its subscribers who are using the Data Magic darknet scanning services a complete background check of any information the users may have online; if they find any match on the dark web, they alert the user and the relevant company immediately.

Clients of Data Magic are also assured to be notified in case any of their personal credentials are discovered.

They use a number of online programs that with the help of trained experts can scan thousands of dark websites for stolen data.

Data Magic not only scans the dark web for any form of stolen data but also gives advice to its subscribers on how to best protect their online accounts.

Victims of cyber attacks are also closely guided by Data Magic on the way forward after their accounts have been hacked.

Professor Richard Benham, who is a member of the Data Magic advisory team, stated that we are all at risk of having our personal credentials hacked.

Though accessing the dark web is not quite technically difficult, tracking down leaked information is almost impossible without the right detection tools, as it is hidden and inaccessible using standard search engines.

The Data Magic data retrieval experts established our online service, in part, to enable users to stop depending on companies which take weeks, months and even years to alert users of stolen data.

When these foot-dragging companies eventually do get around to alerting users of stolen data of their transgression, they are not even sure whether facts are true or mere allegations, leaving the public confused.

Data Magic dark web scanning services, however, are efficient, reliable and accurate.

We use a number of programs that, with the help of trained experts, can quickly scan thousands of dark websites for stolen data.

In a nutshell, the launch of Data Magic dark web data scanning services is very timely in a digital age where many companies are targeted by professional cybercriminals, who trade stolen data on the dark web and put security into question for millions.

However, with darknet scanning service providers like Data Magic, online security is assured and propriety restored to our online systems.

Data Magic can rapidly track down stolen data on the dark web and alert the users in case of any matching information they come across.

Our clients are then notified immediately through email and text messages that the users/buyers of their stolen PII have been notified.

What Else Do We Do Besides Dark Web Scanning?

Data Magic Computer Services provides advice and strategic IT consulting to help enterprises plan for the future and grow their businesses.

We will secure your network, maintain and optimize your equipment, put an effective disaster recovery/business continuity plan in place, manage your cloud solution, recover lost and stolen data, and much more.

Also, unlike the majority of IT consulting firms in Dallas, we actually know how to adjust from the server room to the boardroom.

That means we’re not going to waste your time with overly-long technical explanations or any jargon that you can’t understand and don’t need to hear. We’ve found that our clients rarely care about how technology intrinsically works: they just want to know what it can do for their business, and how it can improve their bottom line.

Our tech support strategists have mastered the confluence where the technology itself and the “data magic” is leveraged from it.

The best way to enjoy the benefits of all we do is through our cost-controlled IT managed services. Our various managed services packages at the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels include:

  • Whitelisted patches and security
  • Asset inventory
  • Antivirus management
  • Enterprise-level email security solutions
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Unlimited remote log-in
  • Trouble ticketing
  • Unlimited onsite support
  • A dedicated onsite technician at a discounted rate with immediate and in-depth assistance for any technical issues, and much more.

We also provide such services as software development, database development, and computer repair services that help you maximize your information/communications technology investment.

Ready to let us help you recover your stolen data-property?

Our Dark Web Scanning Services Get Results

If you’re ready to recover and prevent the use of your stolen data, then give us a call at (469) 635-5500 or send us a message at for more information on our dark web scanning services that can recover your stolen data!

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 21 September 2018