Here Is What Managed IT Services Can Do For Construction Companies

Construction companies, no matter how large or small, have unique aspects that make them different from other businesses. With programs like CAD, the need for construction project planning, remote workforces that need to stay in touch, and procurement and delivery of materials, they require a Managed IT Services and a provider that’s experienced in the construction industry.

What Are Some of The Benefits Of Managed IT Services For Construction Firms?

A Managed IT Provider will assess your workflow and design an IT plan that will align with your budget and help you meet your goals.

With the ideal IT infrastructure in place, your employees will have the tools that they need to remain on task and meet financial and operational expectations for each job.

  • Mobile workers will get easy access to their data.
  • IT that will keep corporate data and devices completely secure.
  • Upgrades and maintenance of all types of business systems.
  • Support for file handling and collaboration in the Cloud.
  • Powerful workstations and mobile solutions that are up to the job.
  • A complete team of IT professionals for a predictable monthly fee.

What Are Some Of The Things Included In Managed IT Services?

  • Full assistance and monitoring for data storage, servers, and networks
  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of cybersecurity solutions
  • Wireless network handling
  • Local and Cloud backup and recovery for end-user devices and servers
  • Administration of software patch and upgrades
  • Managed firewall services incorporating data loss prevention, interference prevention, app control, and web-content filtering
  • Unmatched skills and trained professionals to instruct you through every requirement
  • Mobile management solutions for all BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices
  • System analysis to check for vulnerabilities in your network
  • Helpdesk support 24/7

Managed IT Services Support Collaboration

What really sets the construction industry apart from other businesses is how collaborative it is. Workflow follows paths such as design, construction and approvals.

The key to an efficient workflow lies in seamless communication between a construction firm’s two main workplaces, the job site and the front office. Success is dependent on collaboration between architects, engineers, your foremen and workers at the on-site level.

Using the right technology plays a large role in assisting with this. As new software advances collaboration processes, the need for dedicated Managed IT Services increases. Your Managed Service Provider must be able to help you collaborate in real-time while ensuring reliability and security for the IT solutions you use.

With Managed IT Services, collaborating with employees in the field via cloud technologies and mobile applications helps move work along and enables you to meet deadlines more easily. Once these tools are optimized to fully support collaborative projects between multiple users and in multiple locations, there are no technology limits to your workflow.

Managed IT Services Prevent Technology Downtime

Downtime can be devastating for any business. When construction firms’ IT assets aren’t functioning correctly, the work on job sites can grind to a halt.

Proactive IT maintenance helps to ensure IT systems continue to operate optimally to prevent downtime. Continuous IT monitoring and maintenance ensures your IT system remains fully functioning, optimized, and ready for use whenever needed.

Your Managed Service Provider will perform monthly updates and preventative maintenance, keep your software and hardware running at peak efficiency, and cut down the probability of IT failure and interruptions.

When your system is running efficiently and smoothly, this brings peace of mind and lets you concentrate on your construction business rather than worrying about technology.

Managed IT Services Provide For Secure Technology

Your Managed Service Provider will set up a multi-layered security solution to protect your data and IT assets from cybercrime. Their process for securing your data will evolve as the world of cybercrime does. They stay on top of the latest cyber threats and adapt their security procedures to reflect these changes.

Managed IT Services provide for cybersecurity with:

  • Antivirus/Antimalware to protect users’ computers and files from cyber threats like ransomware.
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Management to detect and mitigate security threats.
  • Mobile Device Monitoring so your confidential data isn’t exposed if an employee’s mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • Services like managed firewalls, SPAM filtering, email encryption, backup & disaster recovery, and data-loss prevention.
  • Password reports that let you know if someone’s email or computer password is inadequate or hasn’t been changed in a while.
  • Patches and updates for software.
  • A Two-Factor Authentication solution when your staff accesses client data.
  • Dark Web Scanning and Monitoring.
  • Warnings about major active scams that your team needs to be aware of.
  • Quarterly reviews of security best practices and recommendations for improvement in your company.
  • Security Awareness Training so employees are tricked into giving up your confidential data.

What Should You Look For In a Managed IT Service Provider?

When it comes to construction companies, not all Managed IT Services are created equal. You need an IT provider who specializes in the construction industry and understands the unique challenges you face. Some things to look for are:

  • Access to highly trained and specialized staff.
  • Support for the technologies that run your critical core applications such as estimating, accounting, project management, and document management.
  • Experience supporting construction software.
  • A company that provides Mobile Device Management (MDM) and remote access solutions that allow your team to have access to data, anytime and from anywhere.
  • Affordable and comprehensive services, such as standard solutions, to go along with specialized IT functions.
  • Knowledge about industry regulations and standards you must meet.

The Bottom Line?

When looking for Managed IT Services, you want to look for a provider who will be available when you need them and is up to date on current technology. Whatever IT service provider you choose, make sure they have experience working with construction companies like yours.

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Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 7 February 2020