Improve your operations with software designed to meet your unique needs.

When Data Magic Computer Services says we take care of all your IT needs, we truly mean it. Unlike other technology companies who provide generic services and offer lackluster support, we work our magic to improve the way you do business – all of our resources and skill go to ensuring that you’re always thriving.

Our software development services guarantee that you’re getting the right tools to do your job effectively. We work with you to fully understand your needs and goals, and our team of skilled and reliable technicians gets to work developing software and applications that are designed just for your business.

Contact Data Magic Computer Services today at (469) 213-6508 or send us an email to to discuss our software development services and how your workforce will benefit.

  • Data Magic Computer Services is proud to serve a wide and unique range of industries. Because of that, we know our clients’ all have varying needs and distinct goals. When it comes to software development, your work is what’s most important.
  • We work with you and your staff to discuss the tasks necessary to develop an application; we’ll talk about everything from capabilities, to uses, to the time frame.
  • Analysis of your system gives us insight into what’s working and what needs to be improved. Your software is then designed to reflect that.
  • Data Magic Computer Services works incredibly hard to ensure not only that the software we develop is powerful and effective, but that it’s also secure and free of any vulnerabilities that could compromise your data.
  • When you get software that’s uniquely designed for your needs, you start solving problems instead of running into new ones, helping to improve productivity and increase morale among your workforce.

Data Magic Computer Services is eager to work with your team to develop software specifically designed for your needs and goals. With a little bit of magic, it’s easier than you think to start meeting and exceeding goals with the use of IT.

Reach out to us at or (469) 213-6508 to discuss the benefits of our software development services for your team.