Regardless of how well you train your employees, sophisticated social engineering attacks can rob them of their identity and rob you of your data. To mitigate this risk, security-conscious organizations are increasingly putting identity and access management services like Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions at the center of their security strategy.

SSO not only strengthens your authentication management but your overall security. And it improves your employees’ sign-on experience by eliminating the need for password management when they access multiple applications.

How Does Single Sign-On Work?

Data Magic’s Single Sign-On Solution lets you and your staff authenticate just once rather than having to do so over and over again. You won’t need to separately sign on to applications and systems because once you sign on The Solution handles the rest.

This was once only cost-effective for larger enterprises. Now it’s affordably available to small and mid-sized businesses like yours.

How Will SSO Benefit Us?

  • It Protects Your Login Credentials: Along with ease of use, our Single Sign-On Solution can dramatically improve security across your entire organization. You can protect your users’ credentials, and prevent theft and account takeovers with centralized identity and access management.
  • Ease Of Management: Our SSO Solution allows for easy provisioning and de-provisioning of users, groups, and permissions policies. You’ll have greater visibility into users’ access to applications, services, and data. It provides the transparency you need to ensure only authorized employees are accessing your digital information.
  • It Reduces Your Attack Surface: Better management equals improved security. You can eliminate blind spots by knowing who has access to what. With our centrally managed and automated SSO Solution you’ll know when bad actors are trying to access your IT environment.
  • Improved Response Times: You’ll benefit from real-time visibility into authentication events that are tied to other security management tools. Our SSO Solution will take immediate action to challenge account takeover attacks as they occur individually or in multiples across your IT environment.

Will Your SSO Solution Work With The Applications We Use?

We can establish Single Sign-On across your entire IT environment. It will integrate seamlessly with the applications you use. And it can be used with over 5,000 cloud applications, as well as your legacy IT infrastructure and devices.

How Can We Learn More About Data Magic’s SSO Solution?

We’ll make it easy for you. Just contact the team at Data Magic in Coppell, Texas, and we’ll be happy to provide a complimentary demonstration.

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 25 January 2019