Maximize your technology investment with services geared towards your unique industry needs.

It can be tough to find great IT services for a unique industry like pest control. Many IT providers focus on healthcare, the legal industry, and so on – but Data Magic Computer Services knows that every business needs great technology to thrive. That’s why we provide unique services and support for pest control businesses, to improve your operations and ensure you’re always functioning at your best.

Our team offers several distinctive packages, allowing you to decide on the level of services your business needs. We work with you to plan strategically for your operations, ensuring you’re making the best investments to guarantee a long and successful future.

Get in touch with Data Magic Computer Services to discuss IT services and support for your business. Our team is eager to show you how far a little magic can go – contact us at or (469) 213-6508.

  • Whether you already have an in-house IT team but are understaffed or need added support, or you’re looking to totally outsource your technology needs – Data Magic Computer Services offers several levels of service, so you’re always covered.
  • While you get to work eliminating pests for others, we ensure that no bugs make their way into your network. Our proactive monitoring and antivirus tools ensure your data is never compromised.
  • Our software development services ensure that all of your technology needs are being met. {company works with you to design unique, custom applications, so all of your biggest issues are tackled with the best IT.
  • Business continuity solutions give you peace of mind knowing that while you’re out there working, we’re protecting your livelihood. Even when a disaster hits, your essential data and resources are kept safe and remain accessible.

Don’t settle for less than the absolute best. Watch your issues disappear and your operations improve with smart, effective IT services from Data Magic Computer Services. Get in touch with us at or (469) 213-6508.