We Provide Office 365 Backup Services through Backupify/Datto

Mistakes happen. Sometimes files get accidently erased or overwritten. If you don’t back up your files before these mistakes occur, such accidents could cost you hours and hours of progress on assignments, and those are hours you’ve already invested in (and now get nothing in return for) through the wages and benefits you dedicate to your employees.

We use the most secure and reliable Office 365 backup tool available, Backupify from Datto, to make sure you never lose your business-critical documents, emails, slideshows, spreadsheets, and whatever else you have up on the cloud through Office 365.

And Backupify does more than just back up your files; it makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, too. The intuitive Backupify dashboard allows you to manage your backups, view restores, and sort through emails and calendar invites without any hassle. Also, robust search parameters allow you to quickly locate files and folders even when you can’t remember the name.

The less time employees spend trying to find files, the more time they’ll have to work through tasks, collaborate on projects, and ultimately produce more revenue.

Keeping You Compliant

Every business across every industry benefits from using Backupify, but for some businesses the consequences of losing data go beyond lost productivity.

An effective data backup solution is necessary for many businesses to comply with industry security regulations (healthcare organizations have HIPAA, financial organizations face audits from the FDIC and SEC, anyone who accepts credits cards must comply with PCI DSS, etc.).

Backupify is HIPAA compliant, and the built-in encryption and other security measures go beyond industry standards and are strong enough that Backupify is also certified by the Cloud Security Alliance and TRUSTe.

Give us a call at (469) 213-6508 or send a message to helpme@datamagicinc.com for more information about our Data Backup services and IT solutions.