Microsoft Support In Dallas / Fort Worth

Microsoft provides a wide range of solutions designed to help small businesses thrive. From collaboration and communication apps to cloud storage and on-premises servers, the Microsoft product line is a boon to your business.

If you’re looking to improve productivity and return on investment, Microsoft solutions make sense. Whether you’re already using solutions like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Windows 10, and Microsoft Windows Server or considering a new purchase, you want to make sure your technology is optimized integrated with your existing tools.

That’s where Data Magic Computer Services comes in. We help Dallas businesses of all sizes with Microsoft IT support. We help with installation, configuration, optimization, updating, and consultation that lets companies like yours focus on core business matters.

What Microsoft IT Support Is Available for Working in the Cloud?

Data Magic supports two essential Microsoft cloud solutions — Azure and Office 365.

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud platform that offers Platform as a Service (PaaS) resources to help you build and deploy your applications and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) tools that allow for the hosting of servers, networks, operating systems, and data.

Azure relies on virtualization technology that uses a network of physical servers to use virtual versions of hardware. There are several advantages to using Azure, including:

  • Cost Reduction. You will not need to purchase, maintain, and manage on-premises servers and will also eliminate the costs of purchasing, configuring, powering, and cooling them in your own data centers.
  • Scalability. One significant advantage of cloud computing is the flexibility it provides, allowing you to scale up or down the amount of computing capacity you need to fit business expansion or seasonal contraction. You won’t be stuck with unused servers or face delays as new servers are ordered and installed.
  • Improved Security. With Microsoft Azure, your data is stored in data centers with state-of-the-art physical and digital protection, Active Directory for authentication and directory management, a secure virtual private network, DDoS protection, and advanced threat protection.
  • Manage Connected Devices and Objects. From smartphones to connected machinery, Azure lets you track messages and be notified when devices are authenticated.

Data Magic helps Dallas-area businesses migrate to Microsoft Azure with project management leadership, data configurations, app integration, database migration, and business continuity during the process.

Can We Move Email to the Cloud with Microsoft IT Support?

For many businesses, there’s a need to share data files, collaborate in, real-time and communicate with employees working remotely, traveling, or on sales calls. Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft’s popular Office app suite.

Moving your Office products to the cloud offers considerable advantages to your business, especially with Microsoft IT support from Data Magic. Here are some of the core benefits:

  • Predictable Pricing. With Office 365, you pay a monthly rate for your users. When new users come on board or leave the organization, access is easily turned on or removed. This allows for more manageable cash flow.
  • Rapid Access to New Features and Updates. Microsoft regularly offers new features to its apps that are included in Office 365, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. These enhancements are delivered automatically at no additional charge, giving your teams more functionality and capabilities immediately.
  • Access from Anywhere. With Office 365, your whole team can work with the same documents and programs no matter where they are or what device they’re using. As long as a user has Internet access, they can access emails, files, spreadsheets, and presentations. Your users can also collaborate better, using, editing, and commenting on the same data simultaneously.
  • Beefed-Up Security. Like with Azure, Office 365 provides robust security features. Email is encrypted, and mobile device management lets your IT team protect sensitive data by deleting it remotely if a device is lost or stolen. Multi-factor authentication is also available to protect critical data.
  • User Familiarity. Nearly every component of the productivity programs your employees use every day is duplicated in Office 365. Toolbars, shortcuts, formats, and menu items are all there, meaning users will not have difficult adjustments to the cloud-based versions. Also, your IT team will not need to provide extensive training or support for the “new” tools.

What Operating Systems Are Included in Microsoft IT Support?

While Data Magic offers support for multiple operating systems, companies that use Windows 7 are strongly encouraged to switch to Microsoft Windows 10.

That’s because, as of January 14, 2020, Microsoft has ceased all upgrades, patches, and complimentary support for Windows 7. If your company does not choose to upgrade to Windows 10, you are putting your business at considerable risk. Those upgrades and patches are often used to fix exploits and bugs that hackers could easily apply to penetrate your systems, steal your data, or cripple access to websites.

At the end of 2018, 37 percent of businesses worldwide were still using Windows 7. You do not want your business to be included in those numbers.

The wise course of action is to plan now for a conversion. Data Magic provides IT support for companies looking to make a switch, ensuring that files and programs continue to work as well in the new operating system.

What Are Some of the Other Microsoft Products Data Magic Supports?

Data Magic can help with integrations, customizations, upgrades, and optimization for a host of other Microsoft products, including:

  • Microsoft Windows Server. Windows Server is an enterprise-class solution that allows you to share services and control applications, corporate networks, and data storage.
  • Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Dynamics. This customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning tools help companies integrate data across multiple functions, providing a single source of truth on customers and processes. Data Magic works with Microsoft independent software vendors (ISVs) throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area to make sure these solutions are integrated with other Microsoft products and other software applications to help you get the most out of your technology investment.

Data Magic is your source for Microsoft IT support in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. To learn more schedule, a free, no-obligation initial consultation with the managed IT service provider businesses rely on for support, hosting, strategy, and innovation.

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 18 February 2020