Microsoft is constantly producing the most effective and innovative business tools – our partnership with MCC ensures you’re always able to benefit.

Microsoft Community Connections

Never heard of MCC? You’re missing out! MCC stands for Microsoft Community Connections; it’s an important group that helps to bring together local business organizations with Microsoft Partners, to educate small businesses on current technology solutions, leading to greater efficiency and more successful business strategies.

Data Magic Computer Services is always eager to help our clients grow their businesses and expand opportunities. As an MCC partner, we ensure you’re leveraging the full power of the most innovative technology to drive success. When you fully realize the true power of information technology, there’s no limit to what your business will achieve.

Get in touch with Data Magic Computer Services to discuss our partnership with MCC and how it will benefit your operations. Our team is always eager to make your life easier and improve your workflow with smart services and reliable support. Contact us at or (469) 213-6508.  

  • The more we know about Microsoft and their software and applications, the more your business benefits. With a team of educated, skilled and reliable technicians on your side, you’ll leverage the full power of Microsoft’s products.
  • With events, webinars, newsletters and even Email tips, Microsoft keeps us up-to-date with the latest news and innovations. We’re constantly expanding our knowledge base and looking for new ways to propel your business forward.
  • Microsoft is a titan in the industry for a reason – their products and software help to increase productivity, simplify tasks, improve communication, and give you peace of mind about your data security.
  • When you’re leveraging the full power of Microsoft’s tools and solutions, you’re able to maximize your capabilities and start exceeding your own expectations.

Data Magic Computer Services is proud to share our knowledge and skill with you, helping your business to push past obstacles and start thriving. Get in touch with us to discuss how our partnership with MCC will benefit your workforce: contact us at or (469) 213-6508.

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 30 September 2015