Our Managed Firewall Services Will Make Sure You Never Worry About Network Security Again

It’s not something business owners want to have to deal with, but it’s there all the same: hackers are out there looking for vulnerable computer networks, 24/7. Fortunately, Data Magic also works around the clock—identifying risks, with managed firewall services and security management software, shoring up holes in your architecture, neutralizing hackers and making sure you’re in compliance with government and industry regulations.

Our experienced IT management professionals have ultimate expertise in cybersecurity best practices. And, our team will work tirelessly to protect your mission-critical systems.

We deploy advanced security applications and firewalls to protect businesses in Dallas Metro from malware, ransomware, and viral threats. Our proactive monitoring detects and blocks intrusions or malicious software from wreaking havoc on your infrastructure and reducing your productivity. We’ll work with you, side-by-side to understand your concerns and challenges to provide an affordable, practical solution that fits your unique needs.

Why Do You Need Better Firewall Management?

Firewalls play a crucial role in preventing harmful traffic from entering the trusted areas of your network. An in-depth information security strategy demands that you implement different types of firewalls in different segments of your network.

However, managing, monitoring and consistently applying best practices on such a large and diverse set of firewalls can be a tedious and resource-intensive process. Therefore, many leading enterprises are increasingly outsourcing the monitoring and management of firewalls. It helps them reduce the burden on their in-house staff, to get best-in-class service from experts and reduce operating expenses over time.

Key Benefits of Our Managed Firewall Services

Our managed firewall services include:

  • Around-the-clock protection of systems and data.
  • Complete support for compliance policies.
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to networks.
  • Iron-clad network perimeter security.
  • Neutralize internal and external threats.
  • Automated updates

But, our comprehensive and affordable firewall management doesn’t stop there. We also provide:

  • Application Control– Block or rate-limit applications or specific features to maximize employee productivity on any device.
  • Web Content Filtering– Block access to malicious or objectionable websites by leveraging a threat database that categorizes websites based on content.

And, there’s so much more…

We improve network availability and protect your IT assets simultaneously. Our firewall management protects against unauthorized access to valuable business resources and helps ensure network security and availability. Our firewall security services also include advanced monitoring and reporting to help you comply with security and regulatory requirements.

Managed firewalls are information security systems which are constantly monitored and updated by detailed analysis. Like typical firewalls, they consist of software, hardware, or a combination of both designed to prevent unauthorized access to and from a private computer network.

However, managed firewalls are usually administered by a third-party company specializing in information security. Most managed firewalls are used by businesses that have both the need and budget for the extensive protection this type of system offers.

For most business networks, a consumer-level firewall service offers ample protection against unwanted access. However, for businesses with multiple computers connected to the Internet 24/7, and with sensitive data such as personal, health maintenance, or credit card information stored on their system, managed firewalls are a critical resource in keeping business data secure, due mainly to compliance regulation laws.

When an unauthorized person tries to access your sensitive, proprietary data, firewalls put a stop to such invasion of your business privacy. Data Magic’s managed firewall services secure you from cyber-infiltrators as well as your users, too.

Further Incentive to Choose Our Managed Firewall Services

More reasons to give the Data Magic security management pros a call, include:


As part of our network, hosting and cloud services, our complete managed security enables you to implement a single-source solution that best addresses your business application and security posture.


Access to cutting-edge technology delivers a wide range of capabilities from traditional rule sets to the application, user content, and application-aware policies.


Our all-inclusive firewall management solution negates the need for multiple devices, letting you reduce your IT investment.


From customer located to data center hosted devices & resilient cloud-based virtual firewalls, for use with Data Magic Internet access, MPLS VPN and Hosting services.

Security policies and configurations on your firewall devices must be updated to ensure appropriate access controls are consistent with changing business environments. Network firewall traffic must be monitored continuously to identify and respond to threats before disaster strikes.

Basic consumer-level firewalls are simply not intended to handle the amount of traffic generated by a business with many network users or multiple locations. Large enterprises may be able to assign personnel to design, installing, and maintaining managed firewalls on-site, but for smaller businesses, however, the construction and maintenance of managed firewalls should be outsourced.

Managed firewalls maintained by companies like ours also allow a business to focus on day-to-day operations without having to devote time or finances to hiring and training employees to manage the security system on the premises.

We also offer the experience and expertise of trained security professionals. Once you’ve elected to go with our managed services, an initial consultation and security audit is performed to determine your business’s needs. The managed firewalls are then built and installed using state-of-the-art technology, to ensure that the firewall offers protection against that of consumer-level software without hurting your network performance in any way.

Isn’t It Time for Complete Managed Firewall Services in Dallas?

Reach out to Data Magic Computer Services to learn more about our managed firewall services in Dallas TX and how we’ll keep your business protected — contact us at datamagic@datamagicinc.com or (469) 635-5500 for more information.

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 17 December 2017