Your business runs on communication. Without it, everything comes to a grinding halt. The interesting thing about telephone communication is how little traditional telephone communication has changed and adapted to today’s modern needs. More troubling than that, is the stranglehold that the traditional telephone service providers have on businesses and the pocketbooks of business owners. The costs of traditional telephone are high, and the services haven’t really improved in twenty years.

Voice Over IP

So here’s the question: Have you looked at switching to VoIP?

VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol”, but what it could mean for you is some great features and substantial savings. Basically, VoIP is an internet-based replacement for your traditional business phone setup. The differences between traditional telephone systems and VoIP are as wide as the difference between little league baseball and the pros. Take a look at some of the features that VoIP offers that traditional phone technology can’t touch:

  • Video Conferencing – that is fully integrated
  • Instant Messaging – that works seamlessly with your cloud-based applications
  • Scalability – a telephone system that grows with your needs
  • 24/7 System Monitoring and Maintenance – communications professionals on your side
  • Savings – make those long-distance calls without hesitation
  • Data Sharing – send files and attachments with ease

VoIP uses your high-speed Internet connection and is a fantastic tool to use in leveraging the option of remote work or work-at-home for your employees.

Yes, VoIP also has all of the features that you have become accustomed to like: call waiting, forwarding, and voice mail, but it offers so many more options and better reliability than the traditional telephone model.

VoIP is the flexible, scalable option that will bring your business telephone out of the 1980’s and into an era of high-speed internet capabilities. With the option to add or remove components, VoIP is the system that businesses like yours have overwhelmingly chosen because of its affordability and adaptability.

Data Magic Computer Services is here to explain how all of these options can benefit you and can save you money while doing so. Give Data Magic Computer Services a call today at (469) 213-6508 or send an email to We look forward to answering all of your questions and showing you the great advantages of VoIP.

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 2 May 2016