3 Great Shortcuts for Dallas Computer Users to Get Your Work Day Started Right

Chase Owens and the team at Data Magic Computer Services are back with more tips and insight in this latest YouTube video. This round of hacks can help you and your team boost your productivity and avoid the workday fatigue that can come from using inefficient practices. If you have wondered how to get more work done each day, take a look at these 3 effective tips that Chase has put together to help Dallas computer users save time and effort. No matter how tech-savvy you may or not be, adopting new keystroke shortcuts into your day can make a difference in your overall productivity without sacrificing quality.

Dallas Computer Users: Make Your Workday More Efficient and Effective with These 3 Keyboard Hacks

  1. CTL-SHIFT-ESC Many users are unaware that there’s a simpler way to access one’s Task Manager. Most users hit CTL-ALT-DEL and then choose Task Manager from the menu. This little-known shortcut allows you to drop a step when you need to access the Task Manager. You may think of your Task Manager as the only way to force quit any programs that have stopped working and consider it a necessary evil; by skipping the extra step that CTL-ALT-DEL requires, you are able to rectify the problem as soon as possible and get back to work.
  2. ALT-TAB is the best way to navigate between minimized tabs and screens and jump from one screen to another as necessary. Once you get the hang of this effective shortcut you may be amazed at what a time saver it can be! There are many instances when it is necessary to open more than one tab open for a project, and navigating between the screens that we are actively working on can become a nuisance. With this handy shortcut, you can flip from tab to tab with ease, minimizing errors as well as project fatigue.
  3. Mouse wheel Dallas computer users utilize this handy button to close windows or access live links. The little wheel in the middle of your mouse is useful for a lot more than just scrolling up and down a page. Use this button to click on live links to access additional screens, or to close open tabs that are no longer needed. The simple one-click mechanism helps to keep you on pace and on task, no matter how complex your project may be.

Use these 3 effective shortcuts and your computer use will be more effective and efficient. Sharing keyboard shortcuts with your team and colleagues is a fun way to work together and help each other maximize workday efforts. Know of some other computing hacks you’d like Chase to cover in future videos?

Leave your suggestions and questions in the comment section of our YouTube channel for Chase to see and potentially address in future videos.

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 12 February 2019