“If only I had known…”

It’s how every story of regret and pain begins.

Oddly enough, it’s the same sentiment that is expressed to the Data Magic Computer Services team every time we bring on a new client who has previously experienced a hack, ransomware, or some other form of data breach.

Knowing what to do to combat cybercrime is invaluable and having an early warning of danger can save your business.

Do you remember the cold war?

The USA and Russia were poised to annihilate each other with weapons pointed across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

If you’re old enough, you remember training films in school that taught you to hide under your desk if there was a nuclear attack.

But what most people don’t remember is the DEW Line.

In Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and Iceland the remnants can still be found of radar installations that made up the Distant Early Warning line. It was the job of the radar operators stationed at these remote outposts to sound the alarm if planes from the USSR were on their way to attack the USA.

A lot has changed politically since those days, and maybe a lot has stayed the same.

But here’s the truth:

Your Dallas TX Business Cannot Do Without The Early Warning System Of Intrusion Detection!

The criminals are too good at their “job”, and the stakes are too high for you not to have an automated system that rings alarm bells when a criminal attempts an unauthorized entry of your network.

Have you got smoke detectors in your building?

“Of course I do!” you say.

“What kind of fool wouldn’t have smoke detectors in his business… It just makes sense.”

It’s the same with hiring a Dallas TX IT security specialist to implement intrusion detection hardware and software on your network.

It just makes sense.

What about a burglar alarm linked to a monitoring center that will call the police if needed? Do you have that?


So, you get the idea.

Early detection of any emergency helps responders to deal with the situation at hand and mitigate the damage done by the intruder, fire, or in this case – the hacker.

What Is An Intrusion Detection System or IDS?

IDS is software – sometimes in combination with specialized hardware – that monitors your entire IT system to spot anything out of the ordinary or things happening that go against policies for your system that have been set by the system administrator. The two main types of intrusion detection systems are:

  • Network Intrusion Detection Systems – deals with traffic coming into the network
  • Host-Based Intrusion Detection Systems – deals with the operation of network system files

These systems work as monitors – watching for anything unusual, but monitoring is not the only thing that these systems do. Once you get past the lower-end, “alert only” systems, you get into intrusion detection systems that are more sophisticated and can respond immediately and appropriately to the “red flags” that they have noted.

This smart IDS technology is not only your company’s early warning but also your network’s first line of defense against unauthorized access.

Do Intrusion Detection Systems and Firewalls Do the Same Thing?

No. A firewall is there to keep intrusions from happening. A firewall stands between the incoming traffic and your networks and guards your business.

An intrusion detection system is different. An IDS watches the traffic that gets by the firewall and the internal network processes to identify variations in the patterns that shouldn’t be there. Once it spots one of those unwanted variations, it triggers an alert and launches the appropriate response.

How Do I Know If A Company Offering Intrusion Detection In Dallas TX Is Up To The Job Of Implementing, managing, and monitoring an IDS?

That’s a great question!

You’re a smart consumer, and you know that just because a company puts “We Do Intrusion Detection” on their website, doesn’t mean that they know what they are doing.

After all, cybersecurity is important, and you don’t want to be anyone’s guinea pig.

Here are some pointers when looking for a qualified IDS provider and IT consultant here in Dallas.

  1. Ask around. You will quickly hear the horror stories along with the happy reports of customers who have been well served by their cybersecurity specialists.
  2. Ask for references.
  3. Ask about industry certifications. IT techs don’t necessarily have to have a college degree, but the good ones have acquired certifications from software and hardware companies that show their proficiency on those devices and applications.
  4. Start small. Hire the company to do an IT security assessment of your business. When they have completed that assessment and satisfied you with their expertise, then you can move forward with a longer-term partnership with confidence.

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Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 21 May 2018