Improve your communication and collaboration with innovation Email solutions designed to easily keep you connected.

Think of business communication ten years ago and then look at how we stay connected today; it almost seems like magic. Modern information technology allows employees to get work done wherever it’s convenient for them – without ever missing a beat. With hosted Email solutions, Data Magic Computer Services makes staying connected easier than ever.

When you think of convenient communications, what do you imagine?

  • Mobility and freedom to stay connected absolutely anywhere
  • Easy to use and innovative features
  • Privacy and protection for your interactions

Hosted Email Solutions Supported By Data Magic Computer Services

Data Magic Computer Services is excited to provide your workforce with all of that and so much more, thanks to our hosted Email solutions. Get in touch with our team at or (469) 213-6508 to learn more.

  • We’ve said it before: connectivity is at the heart of every successful operation. The ability to collaborate and communicate effectively ensures your work is always top quality. With hosted Email solutions, Data Magic Computer Services allows you to communicate with ease and security.
  • Office 365 offers Email solutions and a wide range of innovative features, allowing you to collaborate on projects, share work, hold meetings, and so much more. No matter how far you are from the office, you’re always productive.
  • Google Apps also provide unique ways to stay connected with clients, co-workers, vendors, and anyone else within your business circle.
  • With our team of experts working to improve your operations and ensure you’re getting the best tools for your unique issues, hosted Email solutions provide an answer to several of your needs.

Reach out to Data Magic Computer Services at or (469) 213-6508 to learn more about the benefits of hosted Email solutions for your business. Our team is eager to help maximize your investment and improve collaboration throughout your workforce.