Fittings Unlimited Inc. relies on Data Magic Computer Services to provide fast-acting support for each and every IT issue they encounter.

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Fittings Unlimited Inc. is a multi-location provider of Adapters and Fittings for businesses in the Hydraulic Industry. Vice President / CFO and Director of Purchasing Scotty Shallcross discusses how Data Magic Computer Services has helped Fittings Unlimited Inc. with more responsive IT support.

Fittings Unlimited Inc. maintains a vast operation, with five busy locations across North America working every day to provide high-quality products for the Hydraulic industry. As with any multi-location business, IT is an undeniably vital part of their operation, and therefore, so is their IT support provider.

The situation: Fittings Unlimited Inc. needed an IT Support provider that could effectively configure their legacy software with modern operating systems.

Fittings Unlimited Inc. had a number of concerns with their IT infrastructure that required a more creative solution process than their previous MSP could offer.

  • They regularly used legacy software to complete their tasks, which only became more and more difficult to use as operating systems continued to progress and change.
  • Their multi-location operation serviced remote locations that needed guaranteed uptime to provide an acceptable level of service to customers in those areas. Furthermore, these locations also needed a reliable way for customers to connect with their headquarters in Arlington.
  • They needed a reliable local/offsite Disaster Recovery solution in case of hardware failure.

These kinds of issues can be addressed with general, basic solutions in the short term, but a quick fix will soon become obsolete. Fittings Unlimited Inc. needed truly responsive, proactive and tailored service to ensure these problems were solved for good.

Scotty explains the difficulty with IT, saying, “Computing is complex. We have several persons working for us with many years of computing, programming and hardware maintenance experience. With their best efforts, they could not seem to get things coordinated as well as Data Magic.”

The solution: Data Magic Computer Services designed specific solutions to see to each of Fittings Unlimited Inc.’s issues, and took care to implement these changes in such a way that they experienced as little interruption to their business as possible.

“In all of our dealings with Shane and Data Magic, they have proven to be honest and forthright,” says Scotty. “I have no doubt when they advise us to make a change that it is in our best interest”.

Data Magic Computer Services ended up being an ideal choice for Fittings Unlimited Inc., providing them with the following solutions to their list of concerns:

  • Upgraded their business to existing Enterprise Resource Planning software, ensuring that a carefully planned migration process resulted in as little interruption as possible.
  • Designed a clustered MS Server farm for automatic fail-over in case of a hardware failure, constituting an effective local/offsite Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Provided a range of further service features, including overnight proactive maintenance and technology management to ensure everything is patched and up-to-date, which helps to reduce client stress.

Scotty commented on the value of Data Magic Computer Service’s provision, saying, “I feel that they have benefited us in values far greater than we have paid in dollars and cents. There is a true synergy in the cooperation with our companies”.

“All of the employees and management at Data Magic that I have had the pleasure to work with (and that is most of them) are persons of integrity, are knowledgeable in their expertise and are extremely pleasant to work with”.

“We have been with Data Magic since the late 1990’s when they started supplying some of the hardware and network software. We have slowly given them the full charge with all of our hardware and network software and the maintenance of our servers. We entrust them with complete remote access and have for years and I assure you we are better served than when it was piece meal”.

To benefit from Data Magic Computer Services’ proactive and high-value support today, get in touch with them at (469) 635-5500 or You too can enjoy the success that Fittings Unlimited Inc. has gained with the best IT support available today.

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 11 December 2015