Data Magic Provides IT Solutions That Improve Employee Experience

Data Magic provides organizations with IT and support solutions that can greatly improve their employee experience, improving productivity and efficiency.

Businesses invest countless dollars in customer satisfaction surveys and conducting market research, wanting to understand every little thing about their customers and the way they interact with the company. However, many companies fail to recognize that their employees are in fact their most important customers.

Think about it: Employees are consumers, using your products or services every day. What’s more, employees are the ones interacting with your clientele, convincing them of why they need said products or services and solving problems when they arise.

Forward-thinking companies are starting to realize that employee experience is just as important — and some would argue, more important — than customer experience, but what can they do to improve it? Undoubtedly the physical environment and company culture influence an employee’s experience, but what about less-obvious factors, such as the technology and resources employees are provided?

Fast, efficient technology that works when it’s supposed to is integral to the average person’s day-to-day life, so it makes perfect sense that it’s integral to positive employee experience as well.

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Technology Improves Employee Experience

Here’s a closer look at how IT solutions improve employee experience and in turn have a positive impact on five key areas in a company.

1. Boost Staff Morale

If employees are given the opportunity to contribute to important decision-making processes, they have more of a stake in the company. With companies increasingly transitioning to team-based work structures, this is truer than ever.

Giving employees technology that allows them to communicate and collaborate seamlessly encourages the teamwork mentality. Instead of feeling like there is a clear separation between individuals, particularly on different teams or departments, employees who are actively connected throughout the workday are far more likely to prioritize common goals and interests over their own.

2. Business Becomes More Efficient

Numerous studies such as this one conducted by the University of Oxford Saïd Business School have proven that happier employees are more productive. One of the ways that a company’s IT solutions can make its employees happier is by allowing them to choose what sorts of technological devices they use throughout the day.

According to data from iOffice, a “Bring Your Own Device,” or “BYOD,” workplace is not only popular with employees, but it also increases efficiency. Instead of losing valuable time switching between devices or learning how to use one, employees in this model are given the freedom to use devices they are most comfortable with and which are the best for the tasks at hand.

3. Company Becomes More Profitable

There’s no question that a more productive and efficient workforce equals a higher bottom line, but what exactly drives that?

Simply put, providing employees with technology and systems that will enable them to work at their most productive and efficient enables them to put forth more — and better — results. And it’s cyclical: A stimulated and engaged employee who is producing strong results will be pleased and want to continue to do so, which in turn is bringing in more money to the company.

4. Better Communication with Staff and Clients

A common complaint among employees and management alike about technology is that the tools they are provided are completely wrong. According to data from PwC, nearly 70% of staff is dissatisfied with technology chosen by C-level leadership. Additional pain points include spending too much time simply trying to get technology to work properly and technology taking away from valuable and already-suffering human interactions in the workplace

Instead of making assumptions about the tools your employees need, simply ask them. This goes for customers too, and there is no one better suited to give you feedback than your employees.

5. Leverage Technology to Provide a Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction

Empowering employees enables them to deliver much better and faster customer satisfaction, and one of the best ways to do that is to arm them with the best technology systems available.

Having systems that boot up quickly, switch between tabs or portals seamlessly, and easily and accurately find customer or order information are critical to keeping customers happy or resolving an issue they may have.

Simply put, when you prioritize employee experience in your organization with the technology solutions your workforce wants and needs, they’ll prioritize you. Data Magic offers support that works like magic to companies of all sizes. We would love to talk with you about your company’s IT needs, so contact us today!

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 16 February 2020