Windows 10Whether you have upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10 or you are simply thinking about it, you should understand what is going on in the latest build of the product. Traditionally, the latest build of the Windows platform has always been the industry standard for commerce in real time, meaning that you will gain efficiency and connectivity by understanding the latest upgrade. Here is what your Dallas IT services company should be telling you about the latest Windows 10 build.

Preview Build 14342

Preview build 14342 attempted to finalize many upgrades to the Microsoft Edge and Bash platforms. The upgrade, which has been code-named “Redstone”, was centered around the mobile platform. Many users have decried the fact that Windows 10 upgrades have not been properly advertised to the people who automatically downloaded the update from their previous Microsoft operating system.

Codename Redstone

The most recent upgrade in the Windows 10 platform replaces Wi-Fi Sense just a week after it was placed on both PCs and mobile phones. The Sense upgrade made it possible to share Wi-Fi access with friends, but the feature was lambasted as low demand and a potential security risk.

If you own the Lumia Icon, BLU Win HD LTE 150e or BLU Win JR 130e handsets, you now have full compatibility with Windows 10. This update also adds swipe navigation in Microsoft Edge, giving users the ability to intuitively swipe in order to return to a previously visited page in the browser. There are some upcoming website apps that will also continue to gain more support in upcoming builds of Windows 10.

Your Dallas IT services company should also be informing you of bugs that have been fixed in the latest build, including a huge bug that sometimes denied installation of the mobile platform completely. In a previous build, some unlucky Microsoft users found that they could not reliably use Windows 10 if any app had the “Keep notifications private on the lock screen” feature enabled.

Problems with the Current Build

As much as the latest build has fixed in the Windows 10 platform, there are still many problems that Microsoft has yet to address. One huge bug that is slowing down Windows 10 implementation across many businesses is a complete freeze after a reboot when installing the 14342 update. Microsoft has said that mobile devices take an extremely long time to apply this update, and once it is installed, users should simply be patient in order to receive normal service.

Users are being encouraged to report any and all issues on the Microsoft Feedback Hub. If you are having any kinds of problems with the latest Windows 10 build, you should refer yourself to the Microsoft website or the Windows Experience blog in order to see the latest news on Windows 10 in real time.

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Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 22 May 2016