Can Your IT Services Firm Offer Cyber Security Education to Our Staff?

Yes, we can! Data Magic has the answer to your cybersecurity concerns, from top to bottom and back again. We can help you as a reputable Dallas-area IT services firm offering cybersecurity education to your staff as part of our complete cybersecurity awareness and services package.

Why You Can Never Have Too Much Cyber Security Education

According to a 2016 report from PhishMe, 91% of cyber attacks and the resulting data breach begin with a spear phishing email. Meaning, the overwhelming majority of hacks are initiated by employees clicking on emails containing some form of malware.

It’s clear as day that individuals and businesses of any size need all the cybersecurity awareness and training they can get. And, with new cyber exploits popping-up almost daily, it needs to be an ongoing thing. You can’t just post some cybersecurity policies and walk away, expecting that your firm will be magically protected by them.

Awareness is only the first step. Actionable, demonstrable follow-throughs must follow regularly and be the norm – not the exception to the rule.

The Need for Cyber Security Training Rises

The need for cybersecurity employee education is on the rise. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts the security awareness training market will grow from $1 billion in 2014 to $10 billion by 2027.

The always-expanding human attack surface is currently at 2 billion-plus people online, and Microsoft expects that figure to reach more than 4 billion by 2021.

The fact is, every person on a web-connected device is a candidate for security awareness training.

Today, employees at organizations of all sizes globally are being trained in cybersecurity education. In the future, the market may see individuals signing up for their own training, pre-employment, positioning themselves as cyber-aware job candidates.

There’s a shifting dynamic in the security awareness market, with numerous vendors helping employers to position training programs as something more than a perceived punishment.

Here are six tips that can help you deliver cybersecurity education that will stick:

  1. Provide Cyber Security Education in Small Chunks

If you bombard employees with a lot of information at once, they probably won’t retain most of it. A much more effective way to get people to retain information is to provide ongoing training in small chunks. For instance, you might cover phishing emails by presenting a certain amount of material each week. Remember to keep your meetings short, as attention and retention dimensions quickly after the first 30 minutes.  Also, don’t rely on breakroom signage or PowerPoint-based meetings to get your point across. Keep it simple and to the point with a clear agenda.

  1. Make the Cyber Security Education Personal

With cyber attacks being so rampant, your employees are likely concerned about protecting their personal phones, family photos, and other sensors. A good way to get them interested in your business’s security measures is to start by discussing how they can secure their personal devices and family. Once employees learn good security habits at home, they will be more likely to practice them at work.

Data Magic Computer Services helps you Create a Cyber Secure Fortress in your workplace through pointed cybersecurity education and cross-vectored attacks on all that leaves your business vulnerable. Ask us how.

  1. Make the Cyber Security Training Hands-On

Think back to your college or high school days. Did you learn more when the teacher lectured in front of the class or the ones in which you actively participated in activities? Studies have shown that the act of “doing” has a greater absorption and attention rate than the act of “viewing”. Having hands-on activities will help hold employees’ attention during the training session as well as help them remember the information afterward. The activities do not have to be elaborate. They can be as simple as presenting employees with copies of emails and having them pick out the ones that are phishing scams.

  1. Include Everyone in the Cyber Security Training

It is important that all your employees receive basic security training. Even managers should participate in at least the basic security program. Hackers like to target managers because they tend to have access to more sensitive and valuable information. Keep in mind that some employees might need additional instruction that takes into account specific tasks related to their position.

The top targets for spear phishing are:

  • CXOs
  • Human Resources and Operations
  • Finance
  1. Regularly Test Employees’ Cyber Security Knowledge

After employees have completed a training session, you’ll want to test what they have learned. For instance, if you recently covered how to spot phishing attacks, you might want to send out a fake phishing email with a suspicious link that, if clicked, leads to a safe web page containing the message “IT security training phishing exercise”. This test can reinforce what employees have learned as well as help you determine the effectiveness of the training. Afterward, you should follow up with employees, especially those that clicked the link. You do not need to embarrass or scold employees during this discussion. Instead, you can provide additional education and resources as well as answer any questions they may have.

  1. Keep in Mind that Cyber Security Education Has Its Limitations

No matter how good your cybersecurity training is, there is a chance your business will fall victim to a cyber attack. Plus, there is always the risk of insider threats. For these reasons, you need to implement other security measures, such as installing next-generation endpoint security software, patched and monitored firewalls, SIEM and more.

Cybersecurity education, though, is just one important piece to the security puzzle of several that we make fit together correctly for you.

Our Email Security Solutions Bring the Data Magic

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  • A team that will meet with you about smart ways to protect yourself when it comes to your inbox – like never sending financial or sensitive data through email, and always being wary of attachments that you’re not expecting.

Ready for the Cyber Security Education That Will Mitigate Your Security Issues?

Reach out to Data Magic Computer Services at or (469) 635-5500 to learn more about our IT security solutions and cybersecurity education capabilities and how, through them, we’ll keep your business fully hardware- and data-protected.

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 6 December 2017