The internet is a wonderful place, full of billions of terabytes of information available for you to find. That sounds like a great thing, right?!? It can be, but it can also make getting back to a preferred resource quite a challenge. It’s not unusual to be researching a specific topic and find exactly the information that you need. You know you’re going to want to reference the site again, so you add a bookmark. Fast forward several weeks, and you’re trying to refer back to the material . . . but for the life of you, you’re not able to find where the bookmark is hiding in the laundry list of bookmarks that you’ve created over the years. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem of organizing your internet reference sites and it’s easier than you might realize.

The World Wide Web is a Wonderful Place

With more than 1.6 billion websites online at the time of this writing, it’s not surprising that it’s tough to find a single grain of wheat in with the chaff. Even when you consider that there are only 200 million sites that are active, that number is still staggering. It’s actually surprising that we are able to find anything of interest, and is a true testament to the power of search engine algorithms that results are valid as often as they are. Hundreds of thousands of websites may be available on any particular topic, and competitors for your products could be located anywhere in the world. With all this scattered information, it becomes ever more challenging to make sense and create organization midst the chaos that is the internet.

Getting Organized Online

Creating a quick bookmark used to be the go-to way to save your spot so you could reference it later as needed. These bookmarks can be saved from browser to browser, exported and imported when you change platforms and synced across devices so you always have access to your saved websites. Unfortunately, this also means that you’re accumulating many saved links over the years, which can make it quite tough to find related sites with a few clicks or taps. One way that you can keep all of your sites together and add organization is to add tags along with bookmarks to websites that you expect to visit again in the future. You can add tags such as:

  • Vendors, for people you would like to work within the future
  • Competitors, so you can quickly skip through your list to research their new offerings
  • Health and Wellness, to see the latest research on topics that concern your family
  • Research, to learn more about the various technology that may impact your business in the future
  • Vacations, to pull together ideas you can share with friends and family members

Each time you’re adding a tag, you’re able to create a grouping of information that you can then reference again in the future. This method is far superior to simple bookmarking, as it lets you correlate the results of your searches by putting several sites in context with each other.

The proliferation of websites is unlikely to diminish in the future, so this quick productivity hack will help you make sense of the madness that can result in bookmarking sites over the years. At Data Magic, we are always looking for ways to make data easier to understand and improve your understanding of technology. Contact our tech wizards today at 469-635-5500 to experience technology support that truly works like magic.

Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 7 April 2019