How Much Should Outsourcing IT Support Cost Your Company?

One of the most significant challenges small and medium business owners are facing is deciding about IT support and the maintenance of their IT infrastructure. It’s a battle between hiring a full in-house department or outsourcing IT services for their business. Because hiring an entire internal IT team is an extravagant affair, most companies are turning to outsourced IT support providers.

Outsourced IT support falls under two categories:

  • Fully Outsourced IT Support: This type of IT support is suitable for companies that do not have a stable IT department. Your company will delegate its entire IT department to the outsourced IT team.
  • Partially Outsourced IT Support: This is suitable for companies that already have existing IT personnel and want specific IT needs to be met. Your company controls the services that the IT support firm will provide and when they will be provided. In such arrangements, the IT company is usually tasked with filling IT expertise gaps in the company and performing complex tasks that the in-house team cannot complete.

For any company looking to outsource IT services, the cost of these services ranks among their top considerations. How much should you pay for managed IT services? Outsourcing IT support is deemed cost-effective because of the expertise, years of experience in tech, and the services that will be provided by the external team. But what Is the price behind being cost-effective?

The cost of outsourced IT support can vary significantly due to several factors:

  • The type of IT support you want; partial support or fully managed
  • The location of your company
  • Your exact business requirements
  • The level of expertise you desire
  • The state of your IT infrastructure

Business owners find it almost impossible to know how much IT support should cost as most managed service providers do not provide this information on their websites. When they make calls to different managed service providers, they realize that pricing is not uniform. These different pricing structures can be very frustrating as there is no online catalog to choose from or a one-price-fits-all formula.

Costs Of Outsourcing IT Support In Dallas

Managed IT Services Pricing Models

So, exactly how much should you expect to pay for IT support? There are six famous managed IT services pricing models that you can review as your starting point.

The section below describes each pricing model and its attributes. All of them have advantages to offer companies, but there must be a close relationship between what the model provides and the IT needs of your company.

  • Monitoring-Only Pricing Model: the monitoring-only pricing template provides system monitoring and notification. In this case, multiple different service levels may be adopted. For example, an IT company may be allowed to charge for additional compensation activities identified through remote monitoring. This pricing model may apply to companies that are typically offered services such as; antispam and antivirus updates, backup monitoring, disk optimization, operating system services for a flat monthly fee.
  • The Per-Device Pricing Model:  The premise of the per-device pricing template is to develop a fixed rate for every type of gadget that is supported in the client’s environment. The benefit of this pricing model compared to other managed IT services pricing models is that it simplifies the pricing format for your services and makes it easier for potential clients to give quotes and for MSPs to demonstrate costs for prospects. It also makes it easier for the IT company to change the monthly service fee as the client adds devices.
  • The Per-User Managed Services Pricing Model: The per-user pricing model is somewhat identical to the per-device pricing template. The distinction is that the fixed fee is billed per end-user monthly and comprises support for all gadgets used by each end-user. These devices include laptops, office PCs, smartphones, tablets, and any other gadget that the company might use.
  • The Tiered Pricing Model: It is the most famous pricing model used by managed service providers. The principle is to build multiple bundled loads of services with each progressively costly service providing more services to the client company.

The tiered pricing model provides the IT company and your company as the client the flexibility needed to implement a comprehensive managed IT solution.

  • The All-You-Can-Eat Pricing Model: The all-you-can-eat pricing template is very alterable and comprises on-site support, remote services, and bench and laboratory time for an entire company at a fixed fee monthly. It also provides all-year-round services or support during specific hours or days of the month and bills extra charges for services provided outside these hours.

The main aim of this model is to provide the client with the capability to budget for their IT support costs.

  • The a La Carte Pricing Model:  In the a la carte pricing model, the IT company provides services that address the particular needs of the company. These services could include data backup and disaster recovery and patch management. This pricing model gives clients the capacity to choose and pay only for the services they require. It also allows them to construct a customized package of IT solutions for their company.

Any certified IT support company should be very clear about their pricing structure. The services you will receive, and the cost of these services must be documented in your contract. It is also important to verify that your agreement accurately states these services and fees before signing anything. Clarity is very crucial both for you as the client and the IT company.

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Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 26 August 2020