Computer Repair Services

Let our team work some magic on your computer and get you back to work right away. For your business to function at its best, you need devices that are reliable and effective. It’s often tough to figure out where to turn for computer repair services when you’re dealing with issues with your computer or laptop – but Data Magic Computer Services has your answer.

We provide computer repair services to make sure your technology is dealt with right, so you’re able to get back to work quickly and without recurring issues. Even if it’s a device you keep for personal use, we’ll service it. It’s hard to trust your computer with just anyone, and with Data Magic Computer Services you gain peace of mind knowing that a reliable team of experts are dealing with your hardware.

In improper hands, computer repair can be a disaster. Common issues include:

  • Long waits for your repaired technology, leaving you unable to be productive or work on tasks
  • Recurring issues even after your device has been serviced
  • Lost data and important documents or software

Don’t put your technology in unreliable hands – let our team work some magic and get your technology back to you with the most care and attention possible.

We offer support and services for home users through our retail location in Coppell – so if you’re using a laptop or computer for recreational purposes, we cover those too. Plus, we talk to you about proactive ways to prevent issues in the future, so you always have the absolute best odds for success without disruption.

Reach out to Data Magic Computer Services when you need computer repair services that you can truly count on. Our team is eager to help get your technology serviced and repaired, so you can get back to work. Contact us at or (469) 213-6508.