Data Magic Computer Services Brings Long-Term Client to Biz TV Texas: “All In with Bryan Weatherford” Interview

Not Many Dallas IT Companies Have Long-Term Clients Ready and Willing to Speak on Live TV About Their Experience… But Data Magic Computer Services Does.

Dallas IT Expert Shane Kimbrel Joins Bryan Weatherford

Many IT companies have a few clients here and there that are happy enough to write a two or three sentence testimonial. Data Magic Computer Services, on the other hand, has raving fans willing to go on live TV and talk about their experience. Shane Kimbrel, President at Data Magic Computer Services, was joined by Todd Shallcross from Fittings Unlimited – a long-term client of over 25 years, to speak about their experience working together on Biz TV Texas: “All In with Bryan Weatherford.” Let’s take a look at how the interview went…

What Does Fittings Unlimited Do and How Did You End Up Working with Data Magic Computer Services?

Todd Shallcross: We’re an importer of hydraulic adapters and fittings. We import and sell them through distribution only. We have 6 branches: Salt Lake City, Houston, Cleveland, Atlanta, Ontario (Canada), and here in Arlington. When we started working with them 25 years ago, technology was quite a bit different. The speed at which technology has changed is infinite. Back then, we had a family that started out as our technical support.

It was easy enough to handle your own hardware and software. But now, with the way things are and the power we need to run our programs, we need a higher level of support. In the past, we were hacked. We were working with Data Magic Computer Services for monitoring and they knew it happened before we even did, so we brought them on full-time. They knew how to prevent it and we’ve been taking preventative measures ever since.

What Are the Top 2 Factors You Like Best About Working with Data Magic Computer Services?

Todd Shallcross: The security and the knowledge. They have a great team. We have one of his people on site who takes care of us on a regular basis. He’s with us 4 out of 5 days a week! If someone forgets a login or has a question, he’s there. This year, we had to update our PCs to get ready for Windows 7 end of life.

So You Figured Out Early On That You’re an Expert in Your Field and You Need an Expert in Technology?

Todd Shallcross: What’s more important: Worrying about your technology or putting it in someone else’s hands so you don’t even have to worry about it? I know if there’s an issue, it’s taken care of. Half of the time, I don’t even know something happened and I just get an email saying “this ticket is closed.” It’s really comforting having a company like his do the job they do.

Shane Kimbrel: They’re great people to work with and I think this is a great example of “client vs. customer.” We’re truly a partnership – they’re not using us for one piece of the puzzle, they’ve taken our relationship to the next level. We meet on a quarterly basis to review goals, we’re talking about all kinds of things – problems, questions, etc.

Everyone needs information technology, regardless of what they’re selling. Do you focus on one industry or are there others?

Shane Kimbrel: We work with manufacturing, as well as distribution and construction. Those three make up more than half of our business. We’d talk to anyone who is having technology troubles though!

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Published By : Shane Kimbrel   On: 26 November 2019