Family Values

Data Magic Computer Services, at its core, is a family business that values technology and smart, effective solutions. Cliff Jones and his nephew Shane Kimbrel started a computer networking company in Texas in 1994, with Jones offering technical expertise and Kimbrel using his business education to handle the sales and marketing side of things.

As technology has evolved a great deal over the years, our family values and work ethic have stayed the same. Our goal is to cover absolutely all of your IT needs with one easy, positive experience. We offer a wide range of knowledge and expertise to remove the obstacles that hold you back and provide innovative, unique solutions designed to improve the way you work.

Our team is made up of an amazing group of individuals who understand and appreciate excellent customer services, with years of experience in technology and business operation.

Your Business Comes First

Other IT companies tend to make things complicated; we focus on your business first, talking in a language you can understand, and getting to know the issues you face on a day to day basis. From there, we plan strategically to remove those barriers and increase your productivity to positively impact your bottom line.

No matter how big or small your technology issue, we’re here to help. Our team is eager to push your business past its own expectations, offering our magic touch to make issues disappear. We’re passionate about technology, and you gain peace of mind knowing that our team accounts for absolutely everything so you’re free to focus on your business.

As information technology continues to offer new possibilities and benefits, we’re always looking for new ways to improve your operations and keep your livelihood protected.

When you’re in need of a true IT partnership, Data Magic Computer Services is here to lend our guidance, services, and support. Contact our team of experts at or (469) 213-6508.