Do you have a lot of old, clunky hardware that eats up tons of space, power, and maintenance fees? The cloud has proven to be a revolutionary IT solution that provides efficiency and capability that simply isn’t possible when limiting your IT infrastructure to a physical setting. Want to take your business beyond the physical […]

Whether we are properly prepared or not there will be incidents involving a natural disaster or other emergency that will cause an interruption to your systems. How ready are you should this happen? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place that will safeguard your important information and ensure your customers are taken care […]

Everything costs money. We all understand that, don’t we? Sure, but everything doesn’t have to cost a LOT of money. You know which mechanic will do good work at reasonable rates. You know what grocery store is cheaper for meat or better on produce. You even know what gas station in town usually has the […]

Social media continues to be a primary method of keeping in touch with friends and family — whether they live near or far. The average American does not just sit down on their couch after a long day at work and browse through their favorite site for a few minutes, though. Today. people access these […]

“You don’t have to worry just about technology… You have to worry about your people, because people will break things, and people can fix them.” —Information Security Is All About Operational Risk, by Michael Hill Your business has become more and more dependent on automation, and you store much of your proprietary and business data […]

During late March of 2016, a vulnerability now called Badlock was found in the popular business network application Samba. Samba enables different kinds of computers to connect to files and printers on Microsoft Windows servers, the central platform for many businesses. Badlock is particularly serious, because it not only affects a whole range of different […]

In the last few years, the concept of “ransomware” has evolved from a rare occurrence to one of the more dominant forms of cyber threats that both business and personal users face on a daily basis. Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts all files on a computer’s hard drive including photos, documents, databases […]

Everyone in the business world knows that LinkedIn is a powerful tool. However, many businesses have neglected to maximize its potential for marketing success. There is far more to LinkedIn than just connecting with some users and joining a few conversations. As LinkedIn continues to evolve, an increasing number of valuable features are being made […]

Your business’ technology is the answer. Information technology (IT) is an undeniably important part of any modern business that wants to maintain a competitive edge. Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers are gaining more and more authority at the Executive table, and according to Computerworld, 43% of these executives intend to increase their IT […]

As the owner of an IT company, we take the risk of your cybersecurity threats very seriously. In April 2016, Samba and Windows users discovered the potential dangers of the Badlock bug. This bug is in its infancy but could get worse. By understanding what Badlock is now, how it affects users, what signs to […]