While drivers are celebrating falling gas prices, companies and countries that rely on oil prices to sustain their economy are heading into recessionary times. One such company, Cenovus, is looking to innovation as a way to save money and move forward.  Bloomberg sat down with Brian Ferguson, CEO of Cenovus to discuss the changes that […]

Such a dangerous sentence, yet so widely used. Small businesses tend to think they are invincible when it comes to cybercriminal attacks and this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you are at risk every single day you refuse to upgrade your security systems. Your small business might as well have a red […]

I think we can all agree that Microsoft Word is the most popular and easy-to-use word processor available out there. Most businesses rely on Microsoft Word to get work done, but little do some know, there are ways to boost productivity and make it even easier to use! Here’s how you can simplify your everyday […]

February’s Patch Tuesday brought a small amount of critical security patches, however, one of them is designed to fix a major vulnerability that impacts ALL supported versions of Windows – from Windows Vista to Windows 10. The major vulnerability, known as MS16-013, puts administrator accounts at risk as the vulnerability allows attackers to run arbitrary […]

Identity Theft is among one of the more dangerous threats to your company. These cybercriminals have no shame, draining your accounts behind your back. Your business needs to evolve and always be on high alert for the next big threat. Cybercriminals are finding identity theft to be one of the most low risk offenses. They […]

While keeping up with an ever-changing industry often seems overwhelming and challenging it should actually be viewed as an opportunity to make you organization more competitive. Recently a panel of expert CAD managers assembled in San Francisco to touch on important topics, such as their unique perspective on the industry and it’s constantly changing environment. […]

We know that when it comes to your business networks, regardless of industry or the size of your operations, security is essential. You don’t just need peace of mind knowing that your data is safe: you also need assurance that your workforce won’t be plagued by downtime and disruptions. Proactively planning for the health and […]

In modern business environments, collaboration is vital – all departments and staff members must be able to communicate and work together on projects, in order to remain ahead of the competition. As industries of all types focus more heavily on collaboration than ever before, businesses are becoming more proactive and engaged, and if you haven’t […]